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Plow Team

The airdrop submission period had ended.

The airdrop distribution period has begun.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the airdrop. We’re working hard to clean up the results. Our airdrop bot partners have already cleaned thousands of duplicates and fake submissions from the 3 bots. We’re working tirelessly to go through the rest of the 20,000+ submissions to make sure we have an honest representation of real people and not fake accounts trying to take advantage of the airdrop. We have two data analysts going through every individual submission searching for duplicates and cheaters. It’s a strenuous process but necessary. …

Getting Closer to Launch (update)

Hello everyone,

We’re plugging away at our dex. It’s coming along nicely. In a couple of weeks, we’ll let in some initial traders to test our private beta. This is the base design.

We wanted to give a quick update on some of the upcoming items. Here are some dates we’re looking at. Thanks for your patience:

New Website: April 30th

Early beta access to the new Dex: May 3rd

Whitepaper release: May 5th

The airdrop: May 10th. There will be a 6-week lockup with everyone from the airdrop being automatically whitelisted for our IDOs. Contests winners will not have their tokens locked.

We’re heading back to work. We’ll give another update in a week or so as we get closer to some of the events above.

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update. Here is a quick breakdown of where things stand.

We’ve done a vast majority of the work we’ve needed to do to get moved over to Binance Smart Chain. We just didn’t need to convert the liquidity mining dApps, etc over to BSC, we had multiple other major products under development that needed to be rethought considering this move. It’s been a lot of work, but we’re excited about getting everything launched over the next few weeks.


This is just one of the designs of the trading screen.


Hello Plowers,

We have some major updates:

Binance Smart Chain

After debating options like Tron, Avalanche, Polkadot, and many others, we’ve decided to port Plow over to Binance Smart Chain.

Without getting into all the details, there were a few major reasons why:

Because of erc-20 compatability, we’d be able to reuse most of our code. So that saves us a lot of time in regards to completing the move.

We have team members who have relationships with Binance so there is just a bit of comfort with the organization in general.

Binance’s ecosystem is unmatched in terms of its…

Hello Plowers,

A major update:

We’re likely going to move from Ethereum over to Binance Smart Chain. The spike in gas fees has made the Ethereum blockchain practically useless at this point. The gas fees are so high at the moment, that the fees are higher than the rewards for the contests we ran over the last 2–3 weeks. The gas fees make it impossible for us to complete our airdrop. In many ways, the gas fees alone have slowed up our progress and we’re concerned that there might not be any short-term solution. We can’t wait until ETH 2.0…

Trade PLOW on Hotbit!

Hello Plowers,

You can now trade PLOW on Hotbit:

Enter our Trading Competition:

We’ll add other pairs as necessary.

This is just the start of our long journey and we have future listings already planned. We have lots of work to do as we have more product releases planned this month and some marketing partnerships to get PLOW in front of more traders.

We thank you for your continued support.

To celebrate our upcoming launch and debut on our next exchange, we’re launching our first meme contest!

Let’s do it DeFi degens!

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us — the more memes the better.

What should the memes be about?

Make sure your memes follow the general theme of yield farming and defi.Try to be original!

What format is allowed?

Images, GIFs or even videos.


  • Create an alt season-themed memes using or your own creation.
  • Upload your creation to HERE and fill in your Telegram username, account email, and Twitter account
  • After the submission…


You can check the spreadsheet for the Plow Airdrop to confirm whether or not you were included.

It’s here:

We had placed a $50,000 cap on our airdrop before starting. Instead of cutting everyone’s reward down to fit within that cap or excluding a majority of our participants so that those who were included could get the full rewards, we’ve come to a compromise.

We had over $1,000,000 in rewards. That was over 20x our cap. That wasn’t possible. We increased our cap to $400,000 and modified everyone’s rewards proportionately to fit within that cap. Also, as your…

Dear Plow Community,

Last month, we launched an Airdrop campaign that quickly grew our community.

We know all of you are waiting on the airdrop distribution. The process to collect all information has been a bit long and we apologize for the delay. We’re also launching phase two of the airdrop that will go live on Dec 7th, 2020.

We appreciate the patience of the airdrop participants. We are aware and acknowledge that the distribution has been delayed by a few days as we said we’d be ready to distribute the airdrop on November 21st. We did not intend to…

Plow is bringing security-centric farming tools to the defi market.

Plowing feeds the world

Agriculture was the primary development that drove the rise of civilization. Farming created the surpluses that allowed people to build and cluster in cities. This science and art of cultivation has been a driving force of humanity for thousands of years. Nothing has been more fundamentally impactful to human society. Plowing has changed the world.

Plowing the soil is the foundation of farming. The primary role of plowing is to prepare the top layer of soil and bring fresh nutrients to the surface while eradicating the weeds that can destroy…

Plow Team

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